While Covid has been here for over a year, we are still providing our critical services to our neighbors on MDI....

Those services include:

  • Rides to doctor's appointments
  • Drives to and from dialysis and cancer treatments
  • IC Volunteers food shopping for our neighbors
  • Meal deliveries through "Meals on Wheels" and via Food Access Project (FAP)
  • Trips to access curbside services at the library, pharmacy, grocery order pick-up, and retail pick-ups
  • Drop off at exercise and physical therapy
  • Access by car to blood work appointments and doctor follow ups
  • Annual visits to the dentist, eye doctor, and physician
  • We are also food shopping for those who aren't ready to head out to the market themselves or may not have access to personal transportation.

Call us and we will connect you with one of our dedicated drivers.
Covid may have slowed some business and services down but we at Island Connections have been working at full speed to ensure that our neighbors are served as best as we can!

3 reasons why you can depend on us for reliable transportation services

Island Connections is committed to helping you stay mobile. Here are three reasons why you can trust us for your transportation needs:

1. All of our drivers are volunteers, and they're passionate about helping those in need. Some of our volunteers also operate our wheelchair accessible van for neighbors with mobility challenges.
2. Our drivers travel as far as Blue Hill, Bangor, and Brewer. We provide services to our neighbors on MDI and the surrounding islands.
3. Island Connections can offer free transportation services to tourists for dialysis treatments.

Don't stay cooped up indoors. Reach out to us today to learn more about our transportation services. We also deliver for Meals on Wheels.

We're just neighbors helping neighbors

Island Connections is a nonprofit organization located in Bar Harbor, Maine.
We've been providing transportation services for 25 years and counting.
Our board of directors ensures that all our volunteers continue
delivering exceptional services to each of our neighbors.

Contact us today to discuss your transportation needs with one of our staff members.

Community Support

Island Connections is an important part of the life of Mount Desert Island. I can say this because I've seen first-hand what a difference they make to those who "need a ride" and can't drive for medical or age reasons. Sharing the front seat between two Island neighbors for a ride to the doctor's office is a wonderful form of social networking. Giving our seniors a much-needed ride helps alleviate the inevitable isolation that many of them feeling when living at home alone. Likewise, it helps families when Island Connections provides a ride for a loved one and frees them for their jobs and other responsibilities.

Whether you need a ride, or want to share a ride and make a difference, call Island Connections anytime.

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