Drivers are our most precious resource. They volunteer their time and their vehicles to drive Neighbors to healthcare appointments, shopping and community centers, and deliver meals and groceries. Our drivers are the heart of Island Connections.

Who are our drivers?

Who are our drivers?

  • They may be retired, or working full or part time.
  • They may be year round or seasonal residents.
  • They may drive daily, 1 or more times per week, or only now and then.
  • They may do only local rides, or meal deliveries, or take neighbors as far as Ellsworth or Bangor.

Whatever their situation or preferences, one thing is certain: our drivers are caring, compassionate people who volunteer their time and resources to help their island neighbors!

How are rides scheduled?

  • Rides may be scheduled over the phone, by speaking with our Transportation Coordinator
  • Rides may be scheduled over the internet by using Ride Scheduler, our online program that drivers access from their own computers. We provide a brief orientation and access codes.

What is required of a driver?

  • Maintain a clean driving record.
  • Keep your vehicle insured and in good condition.
  • Do all scheduling and rescheduling through Island Connections, and not directly with neighbors.
  • Tell us if you are uncomfortable driving in bad weather. We understand, and would never want you to drive when you feel conditions are unsafe.
  • Use common sense if a medical emergency arises. Call 911, and get the neighbor to the nearest medical facility.

Gas Card Reward Program: This is our way of saying "Thank you" and showing our appreciation for each and every drive you do. We understand the time and cost of each drive, and would never want you to feel that it's too expensive to be a volunteer driver.

Interested in driving? Give us a call today at 207-288-4457 or via e-mail info@islconnections.org