We realize that without the commitment and generosity of our volunteers, there would be no Island Connections. We also know what that would mean to the hundreds of our island neighbors who need rides, but are unable to drive. Our volunteer drivers give their time and resources to our neighbors who must visit their doctors, go to cancer or dialysis treatments, have out-patient surgical procedures, diagnostic testing, eye exams or procedures, dental appointments...the list goes on. Island Connections Volunteers make this Island a little healthier and a more gracious place to live. We recognize and acknowledge YOUR commitment to this organization and to this community!

We also recognize that, for many of our volunteer drivers, the reward is intrinsic; it comes from the interaction they have with the neighbor as they are driving and the satisfaction of getting them to their destination. In the spirit of this honorable act, Island Connections wants to acknowledge the vital role our volunteers play in our mission by offering The Driver Rewards Program. We provide our volunteer drivers with a small contribution for fuel expenses incurred during these important drives-long or short, occasional or frequent.

Here is how it works. For each drive completed, points will accumulate according to the chart below. For every thirty (30) points accumulated, the volunteer will be rewarded with a $25 gas card. It's simple: you do the driving and we keep track of your points and mail your cards. Here are the types of drives and points assigned: (these are calculated as "one-way" drives. Double the points if driving round trip.)

In-town drive: 1 point

Cross-island drive: 2.5 points

Trenton/Ellsworth drive: 4 points

Bangor/Brewer/Blue Hill drive: 10 points

Food delivery drive: 4 points (only calculated as one-way)

Lastly, we know that for some drivers any reward or compensation for driving detracts from their contribution. We honor this conviction. If a driver prefers not to participate in the program, contact our Transportation Administrator at 207-288-4457 to opt out of the program.

It's all very simple and filled with a grateful spirit. WE know that without our dedicated volunteers, there is no Island Connections. We thank you!