Free Transportation

Free Transportation

Older adults, as well as adults with long or short-term disabilities who are unable to drive, can sometimes find themselves in need of transportation for doctor's appointments (medical, therapy, dental, or vision), or trips to the pharmacy or supermarket. They may need to have food delivered to them from Meals on Wheels or the Food Access Project.

If you or someone you know is in need of our services, call us at 207-288-4457. We will assess your needs and try to match you with a volunteer driver who is able to help you, our Neighbor.

As a Neighbor, what can you expect from Island Connections?

  • You will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Your volunteer driver will be courteous and caring.
  • Your driver will not discuss you or your personal needs with others (except with Island Connections staff and/or family members listed as emergency contacts on a need to know basis). Volunteer drivers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Your driver will be punctual and will do their best to get you to and from your appointment in a timely manner.
  • Island Connections will contact you the day before your appointment to remind you of the time you’ll be picked up and who will be your volunteer driver.
  • Island Connections will contact you if we are unable to find a volunteer driver for you.
  • If MDI schools are closed or delayed due to unsafe driving conditions, Island Connections will not provide transportation to Neighbors. Staff will notify you if your ride is canceled due to weather.
  • Island Connections does NOT provide emergency drives or transportation.

What will be expected of you, our Neighbor?

  • Please be courteous and respectful. Remember that our drivers are volunteers.
  • Give Island Connections sufficient notice to find a driver. We require:

    • 5 business days notice for off-island rides;
    • 4 business days notice for cross-island rides; and
    • 3 business days notice for in-town rides.

  • Please be ready to go at your scheduled pickup time.
  • Notify Island Connections immediately if an appointment is cancelled or has been changed either by you or your doctor's office.
  • Our Neighbors are important to us! Please let us know how we can help.